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In this section, basic questions on various sections of General Science syllabus like Physics, Chemistry, Biology are asked.

100 Chemistry Questions and Answers

Q1) What is used in nuclear reactor as a moderator. It is also known as Heavy Water?
Ans -: Deuterium Oxide (D2O)
Q2) Which Metal is in liquid state at room temperature?
Ans -: Gallium
Q3) _________ elements are non-metal.
Ans -: Electro-negative
Q4) What is known as Artificial Silk.
Ans -: Rayon
Q5) Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is also known as –
Ans -: Laughing Gas
Q6) Which compound is used to prepare water proof clothes?
Ans -: Calcium hydride
Q7) Which Nobel Gas is also known as ‘Stranger Gas’?
Ans -: Xenon
Q8) Which Acid is know as ‘Oil of Vitriol’?
Ans -: Sulphuric acid
Q9) For making of parachute, which polymeric substance used?
Ans -: Viscose
Q10) Acid rain is caused when the air is polluted by ____________ Gases.
Ans -: Nitrous Oxide & Sulphur dioxide
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Q11) All noble gases are ________ & ________.
Ans -: Colourless and Odourless
Q12) ________ is used as a Water Purifier.
Ans -: Alum
Q13) Aluminium is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Bauxite
Q14) The ________ Process is used to synthesized Ammonia (NH3)?
Ans -: Haber’s Process
Q15) Which compound/acid commonly known as Aspirin?
Ans -: Acetylsalicylic Acid
Q16) _______ gas used to fill Balloons.
Ans -: Helium
Q17) ________ is also known as Baryta Water?
Ans -: Barium Hydroxide
Q18) Best sources for Vitamin D are –
Ans -: Sunlight & Fish liver
Q19) Which gas is the chief component of Bio-gas?
Ans -: Methane
Q20) _______ is the purest form of Carbon found in Nature.
Ans -: Diamond
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Q21) The Chemical name of ‘Washing Soda’ is –
Ans -: Sodium Carbonate
Q22) What is the Chemical name of Chromic Acid?
Ans -: Chromium trioxide
Q23) Chemical name of Picric Acid is –
Ans -: Tri Nitro Phenol
Q24) In Photography, which chemical used as a fixer.
Ans -: Sodium thiosulphate
Q25) What are used to control the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?
Ans -: Cadmium rods
Q26) In sunlight, Chloroform is converted into ___________, a poisonous gas.
Ans -: Phosgene
Q27) Which Vitamin contains Cobalt?
Ans -: Vitamin B12
Q28) _______ is one of the most common preservatives used in food processing industry?
Ans -: Benzoic Acid
Q29) Which compounds are responsible for permanent hardness of water?
Ans -: Sulphates and Chlorides of Calcium and Magnesium
Q30) The temporary hardness of water is caused of because of which compounds?
Ans -: Bicarbonates of Calcium and Magnesium
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Q31) Copper is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Copper Pyrite
Q32) When there is ___________, Dead organisms are transformed into petroleum and natural
Ans -: Absence of air
Q33) Deuterium is ______ of Hydrogen.
Ans -: Isotope
Q34) the weight of iron is ________, when it is undergoing the process of ‘rusting’.
Ans -: Increases
Q35) Efficiency of the catalyst depends on its –
Ans -: Molecular State
Q36) Egg shell is made up of ________.
Ans -: Calcium Carbonate
Q37) Which Vitamins are Fat Soluble?
Ans -: A, D, E & K
Q38) Which was the First organic compound synthesized in a lab and it was done by whom?
Ans -: Urea by Friedrich Wöhler
Q39) Fuse wire is made up of ________.
Ans -: Lead and Tin
Q40) _______ is used to coat Galvanised Iron.
Ans -: Zinc
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Q41. Which Gases are used by sea divers for under water breathing?
Ans -: Oxygen & Helium
Q42. _______ & _______ gases are helpful for ripening of raw fruits.
Ans -: Ethylene & Acetylene
Q43. The _________ found in an ore is known as Gangue.
Ans -: Impurities
Q44. Iron is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Hematite
Q45. Kerosene is a mixture of _______.
Ans -: Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Q46. Which Element is used for making of Lead pencil.
Ans -: Graphite
Q47. The lightest metal is _________.
Ans -: Lithium
Q48. _______ is the main ore of Mercury.
Ans -: Cinnabar
Q49. Which Metal is found in the highest proportion in earth’s crust?
Ans -: Aluminium
Q50. Mine explosions are mostly caused by mixing of Air & __________.
Ans -: Methane
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Q51. What is the compound used to in Nail polish remover?
Ans -: Acetone
Q52. Natural rubber is a polymer derived from _______.
Ans -: Isoprene
Q53. The coating on non-stick cookware is of ________.
Ans -: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – TEFLON
Q54. The Nuclear Fusion on the Sun’s surface result into formation of __________ Atoms.
Ans -: Helium
Q55. Organic Compounds are only soluble in _______.
Ans -: Non-polar solvents
Q56. ______ is also know as “FOOL’S GOLD”.
Ans -: Iron Pyrite
Q57. In an Oxidation process _________ happens.
Ans -: Loss of electrons
Q58. Oxides of metals are _______.
Ans -: Alkaline
Q59. Ozone is ________ in nature.
Ans -: Diamagnetic
Q60. The chemical composition of paper is that of a _________.
Ans -: Cellulose
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Q61. Paraffin wax is ________.
Ans -: Saturated hydrocarbon
Q62. In which type of Rocks is Petroleum (Fossil Fuel) is found?
Ans -: Sedimentary Rocks
Q63. _______ is also called White Gold.
Ans -: Platinum
Q64. Which is the purest form of Iron?
Ans -: Wrought Iron
Q65. Which Ore is used to extract Radium?
Ans -: Pitchblende
Q66. Solder is an alloy of _________.
Ans -: Tin and Lead
Q67. Which Radioactive Isotope is used in Cancer treatment?
Ans -: Cobalt – 60
Q68. _________ is the element common to all acids.
Ans -: Hydrogen
Q69. ______ is created by Alloying Iron and Chromium.
Ans -: Stainless Steel
Q70. The lustre of a metal is due to _________.
Ans -: Presence of free electrons
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Q71. Which Mineral element is found in chlorophyll?
Ans -: Magnesium
Q72. The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is –
Ans -: Oxygen
Q73. The term ‘catalysis’ was coined by _______.
Ans -: Jöns Jakob Berzelius
Q74. Which element is the primary reason for radioactivity found in human body?
Ans -: Potassium – 40
Q75. Germanium, an ultrapure metal is purified by which method?
Ans -: Zone refining
Q76. Tooth enamel is made up of _______.
Ans -: hydroxyapatite, a mineral compound of calcium and phosphate
Q77. Which gas is filled inside a Tube light?
Ans -: Mercury Vapour & Argon
Q78. _______ is an aqueous solution of Acetic acid.
Ans -: Vinegar
Q79. Which Vitamins are Water Soluble?
Ans -: Vitamin B complex & Vitamin C
Q80. Silver turns black (Tarnish) because of its reaction with _______.
Ans -: Sulphur
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Q81. Melting of ice can be prevented with the use of –
Ans -: Gelatin
Q82. A Bee Sting contains which Acid?
Ans -: Methanoic Acid
Q83. An Orange contains _________ Acid.
Ans -: Citric Acid
Q84. Etching of glass is done with the help of ________.
Ans -: Hydrofluoric acid (HF)
Q85. Which acid is used in soft drinks?
Ans -: Carbonic acid (H2CO3)
Q86. Silver Iodide is used as a ‘seed’ agent for making of –
Ans -: Artificial Rain
Q87. ______ is used as a catalyst for the synthesis of Sulphuric Acid by Contact Process.
Ans -: Platinum (Pt)
Q88. Vanaspati Ghee is synthesized with the help of which catalyst?
Ans -: Nickle (Ni)
Q89. Swelling of bread takes place because of –
Ans -: Carbon dioxide
Q90. Cigarette lighters contain ______ Gas.
Ans -: Butane
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Q91. Which gas is used in fire extinguisher?
Ans -: Carbon dioxide
Q92. ______ is termed as ‘Metal of Future’.
Ans -: Titanium
Q93. Safety matches are prepared using –
Ans -: Red Phosphorous
Q94. A Photoelectric cell contains ________ metal.
Ans -: Selenium
Q95. Zinc Phosphide is used as?
Ans -: Rat Poison
Q96. Which is the hardest substance found in human body?
Ans -: Tooth Enamel
Q97. Ozone is an _______ of Oxygen.
Ans -: Allotrope
Q98. Which Metal is naturally Anti-Bacterial?
Ans -: Copper
Q99. Which was the first element to be produced after Big Bang?
Ans -: Hydrogen
Q100. If you pour a handful of salt into a glass of water, the water level will _________.
Ans -: Go Down

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