100 Biology Questions and Answers for jkssb exams

100 Biology Questions and Answers

Q1. Alcoholic drink contains _______.

Ans -: Ethyl Alcohol

Q2. Glucose in stored in the form of ______ by Animals.

Ans -: Glycogen

Q3. Ascariasis is caused by ________.

Ans -: Round Worm

Q4. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) gives immunity from ________.

Ans -: Tuberculosis

Q5. Blood groups was discovered by –

Ans -: Karl Landsteiner

Q6. The first successful heart transplant in India was performed by –

Ans -: Dr. Panangipalli Venugopal

Q7. The oral polio vaccine was discovered by –

Ans -: Jonas Salk

Q8. Companion cells are unique to _______.

Ans -: Angiosperms

Q9. DNA stands for ______.

Ans -: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Q10. Dog bite can cause rabies. Bite of which other animal can also cause rabies?

Ans -: Bat

Q11. Endocrine glands are also known as ________.

Ans -: Ductless Glands

Q12. The Small Pox vaccine was discovered by –

Ans -: Edward Jenner

Q13. Deficiency of iodine leads to _________.

Ans -: Enlargement of Thyroid Gland

Q14. First vaccine produced by bio-technology was used against which virus?

Ans -: Hepatitis-B

Q15. Turmeric is obtained from _____ of a Plant.

Ans -: Stem

Q16. Genes are made by ________.

Ans -: Polynucleotides

Q17. Haematopoiesis occurs in ________.

Ans -: Bone marrow

Q18. Leprosy is also known as _______.

Ans -: Hansen’s Disease

Q19. A human skull has _______ number of bones.

Ans -: 22 Bones

Q20. Deposition of which acid in the muscles leads to a feeling of fatigue in Humans?

Ans -: Lactic Acid
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Q21. RBC’s count in the blood is increased when a person is having _________.

Ans: Polycythaemia

Q22. Where are the Lachrymal glands situated in the human body?

Ans: Eye Orbit

Q23. The red, blue and purple colours seen in plants is because of the ________ pigment.

Ans: Anthocyanin

Q24. Which part of the human brain controls Motor skills of the body?

Ans: Frontal Lobes

Q25. What is the name the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood .

Ans: Insulin

Q26. Name the gas used for making vegetable ghee?

Ans: Hydrogen

Q27. Which is the largest gland in the human body?

Ans: Liver

Q28. The smallest functional unit of a kidney is the ?

Ans: Nephron

Q29. James D. Watson, a Nobel Prize winning scientist is expert in the field of ________.

Ans: Genetics

Q30. Polio is caused by a _________.

Ans: Virus
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Q31. The flow of energy in the Energy Pyramid is always _________.

Ans: Upwards

Q32. Saliva helps in the digestion of ________.

Ans: Starch

Q33. Which Parent’s chromosome is used for sex determination test?

Ans: Father

Q34. The bio-gas used for cooking is a mixture of ______.

Ans: Methane & Carbon dioxide

Q35. The yellow colour of the human faeces is a result of the pigment called _______.

Ans: Urobilin

Q36. Which air pollutant causes the most serious health hazards?

Ans: Sulphur dioxide

Q37. Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of _________.

Ans: Prothrombin

Q38. Which compound is used in anti-malarial drug?

Ans: Chloroquine

Q39. Dental cavities are caused because of the deficiency of?

Ans: Fluorine

Q40. What is the process of filtering blood through an artificial kidney called?

Ans: Dialysis
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Q41. Which is the first vaccine injected into a newly born baby?

Ans: BCG

Q42. Food poisoning is caused by __________.

Ans: Clostridium botulinum

Q43. Which hormone is used as an oral contraceptive?

Ans: Progesterone

Q44. The longest and largest bone in the human body is?

Ans: Femur

Q45. Which metal is present in haemoglobin?

Ans: Iron

Q46. What is the total number of Chromosomes found in the human gene?

Ans: 46

Q47. The PH value of human blood is?

Ans: 7.40

Q48. The plants, which grow under water stress conditions are called?

Ans: Xerophytes

Q49. During photosynthesis, Solar Energy is converted to _________.

Ans: Chemical energy

Q50. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

Ans: Stapes
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Q51. The study of Trees is called?

Ans: Dendrology

Q52. Who proposed the Theory of natural selection?

Ans: Dendrology

Q53. Turpentine oil is obtained from ________.

Ans: Resin from Pines

Q54. Upper most layer of skin is called?

Ans: Epidermis

Q55. Which is the only element found in Chlorophyll?

Ans: Magnesium

Q56. What are Bryophytes ?

Ans: Amphibious Plants

Q57. Which component of the Cell is called it’s ‘Kitchen’?

Ans: Chloroplast

Q58. What is known as ‘Suicidal bags of cell’?

Ans: Chloroplast

Q59. What is systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man?

Ans: 120mm & 80mm

Q60. Dermatology is the study of?

Ans: Human Skin

Q61. Which chemical is popularly used in Rat poison?

Ans: White Phosphorus

Q62. What is the Dental formula of man?

Ans: 2123/2123

Q62. What is the name of first cloned sheep?

Ans: Dolly

Q64. __________ is the normal cholesterol level in human blood.

Ans: 180-200 mg/dL

Q65. A __________ is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system.

Ans: Neuron

Q66. 99% percentage of water is lost during transpiration, True or False?


Q67. Which enzyme is present in all members of the animal kingdom except Protozoa?

Ans: Amylase

Q68. Zika virus is carried by ________ Mosquito.

Ans: Aedes

Q69. Tomato contains which acid?

Ans: Oxalic Acid

Q70. Which animal respire without having blood in them?

Ans: Oxalic Acid
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Q71. Which cells acting as phagocytes are present in the liver?

Ans: Kupffer cells

Q72. Which cell organelles function as the power house of a living cell?

Ans: Mitochondria

Q73. A bite of a mad dog causes –

Ans: Hydrophobia

Q74. Which disease is known as ‘silent killer’?

Ans: High Blood pressure

Q75. Human saliva contains the enzyme known as _________.

Ans: Ptyalin

Q76. Which gland disappears during old age?

Ans: Thymus

Q77. The insect responsible for the spread of Kala-azar is –

Ans: Sand Fly

Q78. ______ is known as the strongest natural fibre.

Ans: Silk

Q79. Which is known as graveyard of RBC’s ?

Ans: Spleen

Q80. The gland known as master gland in human body is the ___________.

Ans: Pituitary gland
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Q81. The process of cell division is known as –

Ans: Mitosis

Q82. Which part of the Plant body acts as the carrier of food and other substances to all its parts?

Ans: Phloem

Q83. Which is the sweetest sugar?

Ans: Fructose

Q84. The hearing function is associated with which part of the Human Brain?

Ans: Temporal Lobe

Q85. Which major chemical compound is found in human kidney stones?

Ans: Calcium oxalate

Q86. Which metal is present in Insulin?

Ans: Zinc

Q87. Thirst, hunger and sleep are controlled by which part of the brain?

Ans: Hypothalamus

Q88. Alcohol affects which part of human brain?

Ans: Cerebellum

Q89. Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?

Ans: Medulla Oblongata

Q90. Which part of the Human Eye changes it size based on the amount of Light?

Ans: Pupil
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Q91. _____ is the plant which yields biodiesel or biofuel.

Ans: Jatropha Curcas

Q92. The part of the human eye which regulates the quantum of light entering is –

Ans: Iris

Q93. Which salt is found in bone in largest amount?

Ans: Calcium Phosphate

Q94. What is the name of the test done to diagnose cancer?

Ans: Biopsy Test

Q95. The vitamin which is considered to be a hormone is –

Ans: Biopsy Test

Q96. Intake of which vitamin is recommended to improve blood coagulation?

Ans: Vitamin K

Q97. Who explained about the blood circulation for the first time?

Ans: William Harvey

Q98. Alexander Fleming invented ___________.

Ans: Penicillin

Q99. Who is credited for producing first man-made Gene in a lab?

Ans: Dr. Hargobind Khurana

Q100. Xerophthalmia is a disease caused by lack of which vitamin?

Ans: Vitamin A

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