Jkssb Official Previous paper of Account Assistant part 2 @www.jkjobsalert.in

Jkssb Official Previous paper of Account Assistant part 2 www.jkjobsalert.in

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92. The concentration of which Green House
Gas has increased over the last few
(a) Carbon monoxide
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Hydrogen Peroxide
(d) Freon
93. Liquids have the ability to flow because
(a) Their particles are very far apart
(b) Their particles can slide over each other
(c) Their particles are arranged in a regular
(d) There are strong forces of attraction
between the particles

94. A current of 5 A flows into a circuit
consisting of resistors 22, 42, 5Q and 202
connected in parallel respectively.
Determine the current in each resistor ?
(a) 2.5 A, 1.25 A, 1 A, 0.25 A
(b) 2A, 1.5 A, 1 A, 0.5 A
(c) 2.5 A, 1 A, 1 A, 0.5 A
(d) 2A, 1.25 A, 1.5 A, 0.25 A

95. Absence of which Vitamin causes calciumd deficiencyin body?
(a) Vitamin-A (b) Vitamin-C
(C) v-D
(d) Vitamin-E

96. A stream of electrons with charge

(1.6x 10C) moving, with current density
4.6 x 103 amp/m. If the number density of
electrons be 6 x 105 cm, calculate the
drift velocity?
(a) 3.7 mm/sec (b) 4.7 mm/ sec
(c) 5.7 mm/ sec (d) 6.7 mm/ sec

97. Which one of the following is the source

of all energy forms on the earth?
(a) Earth's gravity (b) Sun
(c) Moon

(d) Fossil fuel

98. What is the physical change in water, when

solutes dissolve in water?
(a) pH of water
(b) Temperature of water

ohcentration of water
ta) Both (b) and (©)
99. According to which law, the volume of a
gas is directly proportional to its
temperature under constant pressure?
(a) Ideal pressure law
(b) Charles' law
(c) Boyle's law
(d) Avogadro's law
100. Which one of the following represents the
first trophic level of food chains?
(a) Sunlight (b) Herbivores
to Green plants (d) Algae
101. Deficiency of which vitamin, causes
continuous bleeding from injured part of
the body?
(a) Vitamin-A (b) Vitamin-D
(c) Vitamin E (d) Vitawin-K
102. A 62 uF capacitor is charged to retain
12 mJ of energy by a constant charging
current of 2 A. Determine the voltage across
the capacitor :
(a) 29.67-V (b) 15.67 V
(c) 10.67 V (d) 19.67 V
103. The time taken by a body to fall on the
ground thrown from an aeroplane flying
horizontally with velocity (V) at height (H)
is :
(a) T= /H/2g (b) T= 2g
(c) T=/H/g (d) T = /2H/g
104. A Diwali fire-cracker is ejecting 0.08 kg of
gases per second at a velocity of 415 m/s.
What is the accelerating force?
(a) 13.2 N (b) 23.2 N
(c) 33.2 N (d) 43.2 N
105. What is a network of inter-related food
chains called?
(a) Ecosystem
(b) Food web
(c) Energy chain (d) Bio chain
106. Which one of the following is the correct
comparison of water content in new born
babies and adults?
(a) Both have same water content
(b) Adults have more water content than
new born babies
(e) New born babies have more water
content than adults
(d) Water content varies in both depending
on water intake
107. Which one of the following is the correct
comparison of proportion of water in people
with more fatty tissue and less fatty tissue?
(0) People with more fatty tissue have more
water content than people with less
Patty tissue
(b) People with more fatty tissue have less
water content than people with less
Patty tissue.
(0) Both have equal water-content
(d) Water content may vary both the people
depending on water intake
108. Which one of the following is a renewable
energy source?
(a) Coal (b) Biomass
(c) Petrol
(d) Natural gas
109. Which one of the following statements is
correct for the species Zn, As and Go?
(a) They have same number of protons
(1) They have same number of electrons
(e) They have same number of neutrons
(d) They have same number of protons and
110. The characteristic impedance of free space
(n.) is represented by
(a) H/E=16 (60/MO)
(6) E/H=16=/6)
(0) E/H=16 - V0.6)
(d) H/E-
111. Which one of the following uses solar
photovoltaic technology?
(a) Biogas plant
(b) Solar lantern
(c) Solar air heater
(d) Solar water heater
g 112. What is the difference between boiling and
t (a) Boiling changes the liquid into a gas
while evaporation makes the liquid to
(b) Evaporation occurs at one temperature
only, while boiling may occur at
different temperatures
(c) Boiling occurs at one temperature only,
while evaporation may occur at
different temperatures
(d) There is no difference between boiling
and evaporation as in each case a liquid
is changed into a gas
113. Which one of the following form of coal
will have highest energy density?
(a) Peat
(b) Lignite
H Anthracite (d) Bituminous
114. Which one of the following properties make
water a universal solvent?
(a) Polar moleculee
(b) High boiling point
(c) High specific heat
(d) Presence of oxygen in ionic form
115. What is the tissue make up of Xylem and
Phloem in plants called?
(a) Transportation tissue
(b) Connective tissue
(c) Scar tissue
(d) Vascular tissue
116. The statement "If a body is in equilibrium
under the action of three coplanar and
current forces, each of the forces is
proportional to the sine of the angle
between the other two", belongs to which
(a) Triangle law of vectors
(b) Parallelogram law of vectors
(C) Lami's theorem
(d) Polygon
117. The quantum number, which determines the
shape of an orbital is
(a) Spin quantum number
(b) Magnetic quantum number
(c) Azimuthal quantum number
(d) Principal quantum number
118. Which of the following has highest
moisture content?
(a) Garbage (b) Paper waste
(c) Hospital waste (d) Agricultural waste
119. What is the type of nutrition in
(a) Autotrophic (b) Holozoic
TC) Heterotrophic (d) Paraphytic
120.A radiosonde (weather balloon) is launched
at the ground level at 30 °C by filling 500
liters of hydrogen gas. What will be its
volume at an altitude of 4 kilometers, if the
temperature there is 25°C?
(a) 550.2 liters (b) 515.7 liters
(c) 491.7 liters (d) 430.8 liters
121. If in a certain language CHAMPION is
coded as HCMAIPNO, then NEGATIVE
will be coded as:
122. (1) K is brother of J.
(2) Mis sister of K.
(3) P is the brother of N.
(4) N is the daughter of J.
(5) S is the father of M.
Who is the uncle of P?
(a) M
(b) K
(c) N
(d) S
123. Which of the options represents the logical
sequence of the statement:
D doesn't play songs when he is jobless.
1. D is playing songs
2. D is not playing songs
3. D has a job
4. D is jobless.
ะต (a) 2,4
(b) 4,2
(c) 2,3
(d) 4,1
124. A man walks 7 km toward South and then
turns to the right and walks for 5 km. Then
he turns to the left and walks 6 km. Now, in
which direction is he from the starting
(a) West
(6) South
(c) North-East (d) South-West
125. Complete the following series: 1,16, 81, ......
(a) 256
(b) 625
(c) 254
(d) 624
126. Find the next term in the following
1, 0.25, 0.111111, 0.0625, 0.040000,
0.027778, 0.020408,
(a) 0.01365 (b) 0.014225
(c) 0.016548 (d) 0.015625
127. Find the next term in the following
sequence: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63.
(a) 119
(b) 99
(c) 127
(d) 89
128. In a school of 320 students, 85 students are
in the cultural programme, 200 students are
in sports teams and 60 students participate
in both activities. How many students are
involved in either cultural programme or
(a) 225
(b) 190
(C) 175
(d) 210
129. If $ means +, # means -, @ means * and &
means +, then what is the value of
25 $ 43 @ 10 & 10 # 20 ?
(a) 55
(b) 59
(c) 48
(d) 60
130. A retiring president was asked who would
succeed him as head of the firm and he
replied, “The father of my successor is my
fathers' son, but I have no brothers or sons".
Who will succeed him?
(a) Himself (b) His nephew
(c) His daughter (d) His sister
131. In a certain code 'STRING' is written as
'@$%+x>', and 'PRAISE' is written as
'<%#+@ w'. How is 'STRANGE' written
in that code?
(a) @ $ % # x > (b) @ % # $ x > 0
(c) @ # $ %>ux(d) $ # @% > xu
132. These questions are based on the following
information: Among seven people of a
family A through there are two married
couples. It is known that
1. G who is the grandmother of E, is one
among the married couples.
2. D is the brother of E.
3. B who is the uncle of E, has no brother.
4. F is the son-in-law of A.
How is C related to E?'
(a) Mother
(b) Father
(C) Uncle
(d) Aunt
133. In question below are given two statements
numbered I and II followed by four
conclusions. Given the two statements to
be true, decided which of the given
conclusions logically follows:
I. All pigs are elephants
II. No pigs are bakers
1. Some bakers are not pigs
2. Some pigs are not bakers
3. Some elephants are not bakers
4. Some bakers are elephants
(a) 1, 2 and 3
(b) 1, 2 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and 4
(d) 2, 3 and 4
134. Find the next term in the following
16, 48, 21, 39, 26, 30, 31, 21, 36
(b) 41
(a) 18
(c) 12
(d) 24
135. If THUNDER is written as EFSNUIV,
how will ORANGE be written?
136. The sum of the series 9, 36, 81,144... 2025
(a) 10840 (b) 12320
(c) 11160
(d) 12,400
137. Find the next two letters in the series
A, B, D, E, H, I, M, ......
(a) NS
(b) N, R
(c) RS
(d) T, R.
138. Find the next number in the series:
1,4, 13, 40, 121, .....
(a) 364
(b) 243
(c) 444
(d) 215
139. Find the next two numbers in the series:
124, 235, 346, 457, 568, .....
(a) 679, 680 (b) 680, 779
(c) 679, 780 (d) 679, 790
140. If I stands for 'addition, stands for
'subtraction', 0 stands for 'multiplication
and A stands for division', then (4 0 11 1
5) A73= ?
(a) 4
(b) 14
(C) 3
(d) 13
141. A and B started simultaneously from X by
cars towards Y. The distance from X to Y
is 600 km. The speed of A was 4% less than
that of B. As B's car had an engine problem
during the journey, B halted his car for 20
minutes. Both reached Y simultaneously.
Find the speed of B (in kmph).
(a) 60
(b) 75
(c) 80
(d) 90
142. Fill in the blanks in the following series :
(a) bbac
(b) abab
(c) abba
(d) bcba

144. In a certain code, SIKKIM is coded as
THLJJL. How is TRAINING written in that
145. IfA means 'P, B means 'X', C means '-' and
D means 't' then , 12 B 8 C 6D2 A4=
(a) 95
(b) 97
(c) 87
(d) 85
146. If in a certain language, FASHION is coded
as FOIHSAN, how is PROBLEM coded in
that code?
147. If $ means +, # means -, @ means x and *
means +, then what is the value of
25 @ 5 $ 40 * 5 # 562
(a) 77
(b) 75
(c) 80
(d) 82
148. If a means '+, b means '-', c means 'x' and
d means "+", then 11 c 21 a 13 b 2 d 2 = ?
(a) 270
(b) 283
(c) 292
(d) 243
149. Which is the missing number in this
sequence 1, 8, 27, 64, ....., 216, 343
(a) 125
(b) 200
(c) 135
(d) 150
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150. If in a certain code MATTER is written as
TAMRET, then in the same code BEYOND
will be written as:
151. Outlook express is a:
(a) Web browser
(b) File transfer application
Het E-mail application
(d) Outer world configurator
152. What is a keyboard shortcut to bold the
selected text?
fat Ctrl +B
(b) Ctrl + 1
(c) Ctrl + G (d) Ctrl +M
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153. What is Kernel?
(a Collection of OS programmes in
(b) Collection of user programmes
(c) Collection of interrupts
(d) Collection of jobs
154. Which of the following shortcuts is used to
move to the last page of a Microsoft Word
(a) CTRL + Home
(6) CTRL + Pagedown
(C) CTRL + Pageup
(dETRL + End
155. What does HTTP stands for?
(a) Hyper Text Translating Protocol
b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(c) Hyper Text Transfer Procedure
(d) Hyper Text Translating Procedure
156. Within a browser, what does the HOME
button do?
(a) Add your e-mail address to an e-mail
(b) Take you to previously visited site
) Display the contents of your designated
start page
(d) Enter your home address into the text
157. Which feature of MS-Excel allows you to
convert one column of data into separate
(a) Data > Consolidate
b) Data > Text to Columns
(c) Data > Filter
(d) Data > Ungroup
158.The MIME text file is saved with which of
the following extension?
(a) HMT extension
fo) HTML extension
(c) THM extension
(d) MME extension
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159. WWW (World Wide Web) is based on,
which of the following models?
La Client-server model
(b) Two tier model
(c) Three tier model
(d) Multi tier model
160. Base 2 refers to which number system?
a) Binary (b) Decimal
(C) Octal (d) Hexadecimal
161. What will be the shortcut to start slide show
from the beginning in MS Power-Point?
(a) F3
(b) F2
not F5
(d) F1
162. How to add bullets to an existing list in MS
Word 2007?
(a) Highlight list, click on the bullets
button on formatting toolbar
(b) Click on numbered list on formatting
(c) Click on bullet list on formatting
(d) Click on add bullet list on formatting
163. Select the correct option that forms part of
input device.
(a) Hard Disk (b) CPU
Keyboard (d) Printer
164. IETF stands for
(a) Internet Engineering Task Federation
(b) Internet Engineering Task Foundation
(c) Internet Engineering Task Forum
(d) Internet Engineering Task Force
165. Which of the following shortcut keys is
used to invoke the VB Editor in Microsoft
Excel 2007?
(a) Alt + F8 (b) Alt + F10
Het Alt + F11 (d) Alt + F4
166. Which of the following MS-Office is a
database manager?
-fa) MS Access (b) MS Outlook
(c) MS Excel (d) MS Info Path
167. What would be the binary number 1011 be
in decimal notation?
Cat 11
(b) 10
(c) 13
(d) 12
168. Which protocol is responsible for searching
the URLs on the web?
(a) fttp
(b) sttp
@ http
(d) nntp
169. Which of the following function/operation
is done by Microphone device?
ala) Convert human speech into electric
(b) Draw lines or figures on a computer
(c) Detects alpha numeric characters
printed or written on a paper
(d) Reads bar codes and converts them into
electric pulses
170. How to calculate 2's complement of any
binary number?
(a) Adding l's complement twice
6) Adding 1 to l's complement
(C) Subtracting 1 from l's complement
(d) Calculating l's complement and
inverting most significant bit
171. Select the correct application, which is a
part of MS-Office
(a) Visio
(b) Paint
(c) Notepad
(d) Word
172. Which of the following symbols denotes
absolute column and absolute row in
Microsoft Excel?
fa) $A$1
(b) $A1
(c) A$1
(d) A
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173. Which of the following is a Uniform
Resource Locator?
(a) www.yahoo.com
(b) Netscape
(c) search@internet.net
(d) Internet Explorer
174. Page colour applied to a word document is
NOT visible in
(a) Web layout view
(b) Print Layout view
(c) Full Screen reading
d) Print Preview
175. What symbol is used before beginning of
each formula in MS Excel?
(a) Percentage (%)
6) Equal to (6)
(c) Dollar ($)
(d) Ampersand (&)
176. Which of the following is an Internet
(a) Task bar
(b) Windows Explorer
(C) www.gmail.com
d) Internet Explorer
177. During cut or copy a portion of the text, is
stored temporarily in a buffer is called
(a) Buffer pool fb) Clipboard
(c) Disk cache (d) Hard disk
178. Which language is used for the creation of
documents for world wide web?
a) HTML (b) URL
(d) HTTL
179. Which of the following is responsible for
managing computer's memory, processes,
and its hardware and software?
(a) RAM
46) Operating System
(c) Hard Disk (d) ROM
180. Name the technique used for freeing up the
CPU, while disk operations are in progress.
(a) FCFS
6) DMA
(c) SSTF
(d) SCAN method.
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