Rehbar-e-Khel Zone wise Provisional Merit List

Rehbar-e-Khel Zone wise Provisional Merit List District Rajouri Zone seeking objections thereof. Ref: 1. Cabinet Decision No.196/12/2017 dt. 23.10.2107. 2. Govt Order No.141-Edu(YSS) of 2017 Dt.27.10.2017. 3. Govt. Order No.153-Edu(YSS)of 2017 Dt.06.12.2017. 4. DYSS/ETT/2343 Dt.19.06.2018, No.DG-YSS/Estt/9662-81 Dt. 23.01.2019 and. 5. No:- DCR/2018-19/PA/31953-54 Dt. 22.01.2019. Whereas allotment of 202 positions of Rehbar-e Khel was accorded vide Govt. order No.153-Edu (YSS) of 2017; dated:-06.12.2017 whereas accordingly 202 zone wise positions of Rehbar-e-Khel were advertised in the leading news papers of Jammu & Kashmir Vide Advertisement Notice No. 1 of 2017 this office No. DYSSO/R7345, Dated 17.01.2018. Whereas, 418 candidates applied against 202 zone wise Positions Whereas, 393 candidates appeared before the District Selection Committee. Download Provisional Selection List of 15 Zones (Zone Wise ) Rehbar-e-Khel District Rajouri.

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